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White Book

    Improved Service of Lioujiao Township Office, Chiayi County: 1.Counter Service: An application for certification is handled immediately after it is filed if field investigation is not required and there are evidential data in hand. 2.Service Desk:

    (1) Documentation services: Entrusted preparation of application and declaration forms, answering doubts, and brief introduction of service items.

    (2) General services: 1.Road maintenance. 2.Street light maintenance. 3.Rubbish clearing. 4.Conduit dredging. 5.Hog cholera preventive injection, poultry health guidance. 6.Others.

    (3) Inquiry (urging) services: 1.Applications not handled or replied within specific time limit. 2.Complaints and pleadings not replied within specific time limit.

    (4) Assistance/consultation services: 1. Legal consultation 2. Administrative affairs 3. Suggestions 3.Service Telephone: (05)-3801121-3

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